3 Books You Should Be Reading on Read a Book Day

Labor Day Weekend has sadly come and gone but September 6 marks another national observation that will surely keep you busy—Read a Book Day. This national day is one of reading and diving into a story we might all enjoy. We at Grind put together a quick list of some titles, including two that have been penned by some of our amazing members, both of whom share diverse experiences and perspectives. 

Wellth by Jason Wachob


Burnout is a concept far too familiar for many entrepreneurs and freelancers. And it’s burnout that propelled MindBodyGreen founder Jason Wachob to reexamine, and ultimately overhaul his life. Once he began addressing his own personal needs, health, happiness and success followed. This success prompted Grind to invite him to speak at our #RethinkWellth event last month. 

What is work-life balance and how can it be achieved? In this book, Jason highlights what and how to achieve this balance. You can purchase Jason's book on MindBodyGreen.

Inspiralize Everything by Ali Maffucci


In 2013, Ali Maffucci left her corporate job to develop a creative way of cooking. She founded Insprialized, a brand that is dedicated to cooking with a spiralizer, a kitchen tool that transforms vegetables and fruits into noodles and can be included into healthy meals.

Her brand now includes thousands of 'Likes' and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a popular blog and a New York Times Best-Selling cookbook. This Grind West/Veset St. daily member recently released her second cookbook—Inspiralize Everything. The book gives an A-Z breakdown of more than 20 fruits and vegetables detailing their nutritional value and how they can be incorporated into every meal with help from the sprializer.

Hungry for more? Get Ali's new book on Amazon today!

Saris and a Single Malt by Sweta Vikram

In this book of poems, Grind Park Ave/29th St. monthly member Sweta Vikram takes readers on an emotional, yet highly relatable journey. These poems are written by a daughter to her ailing mother, who is in a New Delhi hospital and will soon pass on. This physical and emotional journey underscores the emotions of every child who fears the prospect of living in a world without their parent; yet, it also highlights the gratitude we have and lessons we have learned from our parents in our lives. 

This book will keep you grounded and make you focus on the important things in your life. Purchase Sweta's book on Amazon

Do you have a book in mind that should be here? Sound off in the comments below!

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Written by Mike Iadevaia

Mike is Grind's Social Media Manager. A recent grad from Hofstra University, you can find him in one of our spaces, tweeting. When he's not at the future of work, you can find him on the quidditch pitch.

Mike Iadevaia