John Kalinowski

John Kalinowski is a Certified Life Coach and the Consulting Chief Wellness Officer for Grind. When he's not at the future of work you can usually find him at home, the gym, Muay Thai, yoga, an art gallery, Central Park, a dance party in Brooklyn, or riding around on a Citibike.

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Get Your Grind Life: Mindfulness = Productivity

Mindfulness has been described as "bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis." (Marlatt & Kristeller, 1999) It’s a fact, or a series of facts, that practicing mindfulness and meditation helps to decrease anxiety, boost emotional intelligence, and increase clarity, focus, and productivity. Why is everyone not doing this?? We are bombarded by thoughts every day which pull us into stresses of the past or future, so why would we not want to learn to live in the present moment to more consistently deliver on the best versions of ourselves? It’s time to wake the hell up.

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