Featured Grindist: Ali Maffucci

What is your profession?
I am the founder of Inspiralized, a culinary brand dedicated to cooking with the spiralizer, a kitchen tool that turns vegetables and fruits into noodles that can be incorporated into healthy meals. I started Inspiralized in late June 2013 after leaving my corporate job to build a community and resource around this creative way of cooking. Inspiralized now includes two cookbooks—one came out in February 2015 and became a New York Times best-seller and the second cookbook comes out on August 16th of this year—our proprietary spiralizer, the Inspiralizer, and our recipe blog, Inspiralized.com/blog.
Describe your first day at Grind
I had visited Grind a few times, as my friend works there, and I just remember looking around and feeling an energy around mepeople were excited to be working on their dream projects and businesses. Everyone seemed to be genuinely happy to be there and there was an entrepreneurial spirit in the air, for sure.
What has been your favorite member-y?
I went to Grind at 30th & Broadway and saw the founder of MindBodyGreen give a talk relating to his new book, and it was very inspiring.
Have you ever collaborated or are you currently collaborating with a Grind member/staff on a project? If so describe it.
I haven't, no - but I would be open to collaborating, of course!
You can’t leave home without ---
A reusable water bottle. I'm always hydrating - it's so important to stay hydrated, it helps with your focus, your digestion, your mood, and even your skin!
Who is your biggest inspiration in life and motivates you to get $hit done?
My biggest inspiration is my husband! He was laid off from his last job and instead of going back to working for someone else, he decided to start his own company and brand in that industry. He's been at it for over five years and his success is inspiring and motivating. He helps me navigate the world of working for yourself and has definitely talked me off the ledge a few times!
When you’re not at the future of work, where can you be found?
Spending time with my family, traveling, and exercising. I love keeping healthy, it's definitely a passion of mine! 
What Grindism speaks to you or do you have one of your own?
My guiding life motto is "there's a solution to every problem." My mother said her father used to tell her that in an effort to encourage her to not get caught up in problems but to solve them instead. I never met him, but I keep this mantra with me at all times.
Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning and were a college freshman again. Would you choose a different career or keep the same? Why?
I would definitely do more soul-searching in college, but I wouldn't want to be doing anything other than what I'm doing now, so it's tough to say. I would spend less time getting caught up in tests and papers and more time focused on networking and discussing different career paths with those actual working in those industries.
Name a historical figure you’d most like to meet at Grind’s Thursday happy hour.
Is Oprah a historical figure? Ha! I'd say someone like Sigmund Freud or Christopher Columbus.
What three items can always be found on your desk when you’re working at Grind?
My water bottle, ear phones, and a healthy snack.
Ali's new cookbook Inspiralize Everything: An Apples-to-Zucchini Encyclopedia of Spiralizing, will be released on August 16! Pre-order the book on Amazon now. 

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Written by Mike Iadevaia

Mike is Grind's Social Media Manager. A recent grad from Hofstra University, you can find him in one of our spaces, tweeting. When he's not at the future of work, you can find him on the quidditch pitch.

Mike Iadevaia