Featured Grindist: Lisa Mayer


What is your profession?

I’m the Founder & CEO of My Social Canvas. In 2012, I founded My Social Canvas with a desire to combine my passions for fashion, social responsibility, and mentorship. My Social Canvas combines scholarship and fashion design opportunities for students in the United States and Canada with a global good by producing and selling selected student designs to benefit various non-profit partners. My Social Canvas also has a Campus Representative program at over 50 high schools and colleges designed to give students professional experience in social entrepreneurship, marketing, fashion, philanthropy.

How does coworking fit into your work life?

Coworking is so much more than sharing a physical office space. It’s a community of people coming together as a team. It really feels like family. Each entrepreneur is going through their own unique journey, it’s great to be able to support one another and celebrate our milestones together.

Describe your first day at Grind. What has been your favorite member-y?

My first day at Grind was back in 2014. I hosted a job shadow day for the My Social Canvas campus reps. It was a special day. We brought in inspiring women in a variety of areas of business and fashion and then brought them on a behind the scenes tour of Warby Parker, and Seventeen Magazine. The girls loved the day - it is pretty awesome that we started the day at Grind!

My favorite member-y was earlier today when team MSC hosted our very first mid-day dance party. We took over one of the conference rooms for about 5 minutes (don’t worry, we made sure no one had reserved it in advance)! We played some music, and danced our hearts out. Who doesn’t love a good dance party? It’s a great break from work and drives even more productivity for the work day!

Have you ever collaborated or are you currently collaborating with a Grind member/staff on a project? If so describe it.

Yes! I’m currently collaborating closely with Cassidy North-Reist, Grind's Director of Community, on creating a #DesignHackathon that will take place on August 20th, 2016 at Grind’s West St. location. Here, we'll bring together female college students who are pursuing degrees in STEM and design for a 12-hour hackathon competition. The goal?  To promote awareness, participation and funding for girls in STEM and to produce some kick-ass phone case designs! Our most recent design contest included a judge panel of high profile influencers including:

  • Desiree Gruber, Project Runway Producer
  • Anne Fulenwider, Marie Claire Magazine Editor-in-Chief
  • Christy Turlingon, Every Mother Counts Founder
  • Kelly Rutherford, Gossip Girl Actress and Women’s Advocate
  • Dayle Haddon, UNICEF Ambassador and WomenOne Founder
  • Catherine Malandrino, Fashion Designer
  • Erin Flaherty, Marie Claire Magazine Beauty and Health Director.

The last campaign itself reached students and influencers nationwide— and with Grind’s support, we know this event will be no different. We truly believe this #DesignHackathon has the potential to empower and impact countless women and girls!


You can’t leave home without ______

y headphones + an upbeat playlist of songs to inspire me as I build My Social Canvas and design a career I love!

Who is your biggest inspiration in life and motivates you to get $hit done?

Two groups of people: First, my mom. She’s the most selfless woman around. She would give the shirt off her back to support my dreams. I want to make her proud! Second, the girls I mentor. The My Social Canvas campus reps are the heart and soul of my company. This company is just as much theirs as it is mine.


When you’re not at the future of work, where can you be found?

Running the West Side Highway running/bike path (I’m marathon training), on a rooftop enjoying a glass of wine, or on Sunday I can be found at Hillsong Church. 

What Grindism speaks to you or do you have one of your own?

I love all the Grindisms!

Name a historical figure you’d most like to meet at Grind’s Thursday happy hour. 

Am I allowed to I say two? I’d go with both Oprah and Michelle Obama. I had the honor of hearing them speak recently at the White House United State of Women Summit, but it would be pretty amazing to meet them both for happy hour.

What three items can always be found on your desk when you’re working at Grind?

A glass of spa water (I love to stay hydrated), one of our #FeedYourBeauty lunch bags (filled with healthy and delicious snacks), and a notebook ready for a great brainstorm. I still love a writing notes on paper -- I’m old school like that. 

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Written by Mike Iadevaia

Mike is Grind's Social Media Manager. A recent grad from Hofstra University, you can find him in one of our spaces, tweeting. When he's not at the future of work, you can find him on the quidditch pitch.

Mike Iadevaia