Featured Grindist: Sweta Vikram


What is your profession? 

I am an author, mindfulness writing coach, holistic wellness practitioner, and a productivity consultant. I recently launched my company, NimmiLife, which helps people attain their goals (be it a book deadline or better stress management) using simple creativity and wellness tips and tricks.

How does coworking fit into your work life? 

It provides me with a positive and driven environment to get my work done. Working for your own self can be isolating. At GRIND, I am surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs, dreamers, and freelancers. Also, because of coworking, I get to teach yoga and share mindfulness cum productivity tips every Tuesday @3pm at GRIND 30th/Broadway.

Describe your first day at Grind

Have you ever read a really good poem and then realized that nothing else matters for the rest of the day? That’s how I felt when I sat in one of the pods on my first day at GRIND. Comfortable seating, open spaces, so much natural light.

What has been your favorite member-y?

The professionalism and approachability of people at Grind. I really like the balance. I have had the opportunity to engage with members in many different scenarios. Very grateful for the community overall.

Have you ever collaborated or are you currently collaborating with a Grind member/staff on a project? If so describe it. 

 I am working with Ritu Saheb as her mindfulness writing coach and helping put her book together!

You can’t leave home without your…

Definitely can't leave my home without my phone, journal, a pen, and breath mints.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life and motivates you to get $hit done?

Many people, at different stages in my life, have inspired me. We change and so do our needs & wants. But being in a coworking space and listening to stories of what others have achieved/challenges they’ve battled, I find that very inspiring. It gives me hope and strength. As for motivation, I have always known hard work and discipline to be my boring but best friends :) I “show up” everyday come whatever may.

When you’re not at the future of work, where can you be found?

 Doing headstands in oddest of places or looking for stories or dragging my friends to Central Park for a walk or cooking for friends and family or working out or reading or traveling with my husband.

What Grindism speaks to you or do you have one of your own?

 Oscar Wilde’s, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken,” speaks to me.

Pretend you woke up tomorrow morning and you were a college freshman again. Would you choose a different career or keep the same? Why?

I would keep the same career….just arrive at it earlier in my life :) I am a byproduct of my experiences—good or bad. Writing and wellness sustain me. I make sense of the world through them and have always wanted to share the two with others. 

Name a historical figure you’d most like to meet at Grind’s Thursday happy hour.

Hands down: Oprah Winfrey

What three items can always be found on your desk when you’re working at Grind?

Water, too many tissues, and my headphones.

Sweta's new book “Saris and a Single Malt,”  a book of poems special for many reasons, but mainly because it's about her mother—is now available on Amazon! 

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Written by Mike Iadevaia

Mike is Grind's Social Media Manager. A recent grad from Hofstra University, you can find him in one of our spaces, tweeting. When he's not at the future of work, you can find him on the quidditch pitch.

Mike Iadevaia