Featured Grindist: John Kalinowski


John Kalinowski
Certified Life Coach & Consulting Chief Wellness Officer for Grind

What is your profession? How does coworking fit into your work-life?

I’m a Certified Life Coach & Consulting Chief Wellness Officer for Grind. I joined the coworking world about 2 years ago. I’d had an office for a couple of years, but it started to feel very isolated, so the search began for the ideal coworking space. Grind works well for me for two reasons: 1) it has an open floorplan which allows me to be around and interact with other entrepreneurs. 2) it has phone cabins and small conference rooms where I can have coaching sessions with clients. I appreciate introducing my clients to an energetic, high-functioning environment where people are making things happen. I also dig the minimalist vibe/aesthetic. 

Describe your first day at Grind. What has been your favorite member-y?

To sum up my first day at Grind in a word, it would be “refreshing.” It was refreshing to be in a wide-open space, lots of light, everyone doing interesting things, and it still is. My favorite Grind memories are being created daily with the launch of GrindLife, the new wellness program I’m spearheading. We just had our first in-house yoga class last week and it was so cool to see people show up and engage not just in the class, but with each other afterward. Several of us stood around, introduced ourselves, and chatted for a bit, and that’s really what GrindLife is all about - building community. 

Have you ever collaborated or are you currently collaborating with a Grind member/staff on a project? If so describe it.

I feel so fortunate to be collaborating with such awesome people here at Grind. Not only am I working with the Grind management team on the GrindLife program, I’m also collaborating with members who are excited to be involved because we all know how important it is to have a stronger wellness component in our lives. 

You can’t leave home without your _____.

I can’t leave home without my coconut lip balm and a breath mint. Moist lips and minty fresh breath are important! (Another great reason to work at Grind - free breath mints!)

Who is your biggest inspiration in life and motivates you to get $hit done?

There are so many people who inspire me, but frankly Oprah is one of the most inspiring figures on the planet. It’s not just because she’s uber wealthy, but moreso because of where she came from. Oprah is the most inspirational example of the rags-to-riches American Dream. What she’s had to overcome is pretty astounding.

When you’re not at the future of work, where can you be found?

Outside of Grind you can usually find me at home, the gym, Muay Thai, yoga, an art gallery, Central Park, a dance party in Brooklyn, or riding around on a Citibike.  

What Grindism speaks to you or do you have one of your own?

A new GrindLife Grindism that I wrote recently: “Productivity is about more than just showing up to your desk; it’s about showing up for your life.”

Pretend you woke up tomorrow morning and you were a college freshman again. Would you choose a different career or keep the same? Why?

If I could go back to being a college freshman… I wouldn’t change a thing with how I handled my life. My path has not been linear or conventional, but it’s made me a very dynamic, interesting, well-traveled, well-rounded person. I love that about myself. 

Name a historical figure you’d most like to meet at Grind’s Thursday happy hour.

This may seem cliche, but I’d love to sit down with MLK. I just want to know how, in the face of so much violence, hatred, and adversity, he was able to stay connected to his mission of love and non-violence. It’s so humbling and inspiring to even consider. 

What three items can always be found on your desk when you’re working at Grind?

If I’m at Grind you will almost always see me with my laptop, headphones, and an iced coffee. That’s just how I do.

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Written by Mike Iadevaia

Mike is Grind's Social Media Manager. A recent grad from Hofstra University, you can find him in one of our spaces, tweeting. When he's not at the future of work, you can find him on the quidditch pitch.

Mike Iadevaia