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There's more behind Grind than the smell of fresh coffee or the sound of fingers hitting keyboards! We have a diverse staff from different backgrounds across New York and Chicago. 

The Best Bites Near Grind Spaces

All Grind spaces are stocked with the best coffee, the best snacks and even the best mints. However, it's very unlikly you could last an entire day on a breathmint. 

Weekly Round-Up: April 2, 2016

Every week, Grind recaps what happened this week and gives you a taste of whats to come.  

7 Common Misconceptions About Coworking Spaces 

To some people, the future of work isn't something they can define or describe in their own words. Coworking spaces are springing up all over but there's still a lot of confusion over what exactly these communities do. If you're one of these people, you're in luck! Kerri Donnelly, operations manager of Grind Park, took some time to break down every misconception that comes with coworking spaces.

7 Common Misconceptions About Coworking Spaces

Coworking has been lauded as the new paradigm for the business world, yet most people can’t even define the word. You think it has something to do with shared work space...and maybe a collaborative community...but the rest is sort of hazy. Have no fear: Grind is here to help make sense of the new normal with 7 Common Misconceptions about Coworking Spaces.

Weekly Round-Up: March 27, 2016

What's good, FiDi?

Grind at West/Vesey officially opened its doors last week! Grind has joined forces with Verizon to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and ambitious creators by opening collaborative workspaces that leverage Verizon's digital impact on the world. This Grind space is the first step in this new collaboration.

Introducing Grind West Street

Now that you know about our partnership with Verizon, it's time for you to learn about the space we'll be creating together. Grind West Street will include open workspace, team rooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces, to accommodate around 120 people per day.

Grind is Expanding in a Big Way!

Featured Grindist: Angela Fisher

Meet Angela Fisher, loyal Grindist and President of AMF Entertainment. When she's not wowing us with her celebrity connections, she's inspiring us with her stellar commitment to running and volunteering. You're the best, Angela!

99u is Hiring!

The creative world is building in complexity. Competition is intensifying as creatives everywhere must outrun globalization, outsourcing, and automation to build a body of work amongst an ever-shifting technological landscape. Those that are thriving in this environment are adopting brand new mindsets and processes.

Pear is Hiring!

Grindists Pear are hiring! Interested in applying for a position on this awesome team? Apply here

The Trick Successful People Use to Create Great Content


A Simple Exercise to Boost Your Creativity

Feeling a little stuck? Here's an easy way to help get the creative juices flowing!

Don't Understand Coworking? This Might Help.

Thanks to Chrissy Gomez and MBA Central for putting this infographic together!

Upcoming Event: What's Yours is Mine?

Join us and our friends from SuperTasker this Wednesday, July 22, at Grind Broadway for a panel discussion on the sharing economing and how it's impacting our society and future!

Coworking: The New Wave for Freelancers!

Check out Grind's very own Benjamin Dyett on CNBC's On the Money!  He's talking coworking and the future of work.  And stay tuned for a very exciting announcement about the future of Grind!

Howdy, Partner!

What's better than Monthly Membership at Grind?  Monthly Membership with serious benefits.  We've been adding to our roster of partners all summer and our list of perks is shaping up to be pretty spectular. Check out who we've teamed up with to provide our members with the best deals out there on services that actually make life easier. 


Justworks is a platform that automates HR, payments, benefits and government paperwork so entrepreneurs can focus on what matters: their business and their team.

The Best Time of Day to Do Everything at Work

Wise words that can really help your business via Stephanie Vozza of Fast Company.

Justworks is hiring!

Here at Grind, we know and love the team at Justworks.  Lucky for you, they're hiring!  Check out their latest open position and apply...now!

Wix is Hiring!

Our friends at Wix are currently looking to fill a full-time Community Outreach Manager position to help expand their local and national community event activities while also leveraging and supporting the NYC Wix Community Lounge.  Check out the job below and find more information here!

Why Do People Thrive in Coworking Communities?

We always knew that people do well in coworking spaces, but it's nice to see that the Harvard Business Review agrees. It's also nice to see our very own Director of Marketing and Sales, Anthony Marinos, get a little shout out in the article. Read on to see what Gretchen Spreitzer, Peter Bacevice, and Lyndon Garrett have to say about coworking and its many benefits. 

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