Moonlighters Take Note: 5 Helpful Tips from Entrepreneurs

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Dec 11, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Grindist Asha Ink is featured in Mashable's recent article and we're digging her advice for fellow moonlighters!  In case you didn't already know, Grind's newest membership plan is called Moonlighter and perfect for those who are ready to jump-start their second careers. 

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Interested in Bringing On a Business Collaborator?

Posted by Karina Warshaw,   Dec 9, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Thinking you don’t want to go it alone? Things would be more fun if shared with a partner? Need the financial contribution of someone else? Choosing a business collaborator is an important decision, one that can make or break your business.

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Elle Communications Seeks PR Assistant & Interns

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Dec 8, 2014 12:40:24 PM

Looking for a new job or know someone fabulous who is looking?  Grindist Elle Communications is hiring!

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From Our Coworking Community: Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Dec 5, 2014 10:53:37 AM

One perk of having an 'industry agnostic' coworking community at Grind?  Lots of great companies with excellent holiday gift ideas.  We've compiled a short list of just a few of our members' products and why they're simple and easy presents for your loved ones this holiday season. 

Sweaters and jewelry are nice, but how about a gift that's reallyuseful? We've made it easy for you to do just that--give your favorite person a Grind membership with the click of a button. Check out all of our gift options here.

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Collaboration 164, Steve Jobs 51, Bill Gates 92. You need to collaborate!

Posted by Stuart Warshaw,   Dec 4, 2014 8:00:00 AM

I’m just about done with Walter Isaacson’s “The Innovators”, which is a beautiful and sweeping survey of the players and how we got where we are today in technology.  As a cofounder of Grind, one of the original collaborative and coworking workspaces, I was struck by the theme of collaboration that runs through the book. In fact I just searched "The Innovators" on my Kindle for the word “collaborate”. It returned 164 results. To put that in perspective, “internet” got 212 results and “Steve Jobs” 51. Of course I got a little carried away, below are some of the other search results of the book which helps show the power of collaboration in the development of technology.

  • Internet 212
  • Collaborate 164
  • Steve Jobs 51
  • Bill Gates 92
  • Gordon Moore 29
  • Microprocessor 38
  • Ada Lovelace 50
  • Xerox Parc 29
  • ENIAC 139
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How Can Freelancers Avoid Isolation? Join a Coworking Space!

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Dec 1, 2014 10:38:00 AM

We've got a hefty number of freelancers in our space who have joined the Grind community, desperate for human interaction.  Because of that, it's easy for us to get down with Michael Tunney's advice for how to avoid isolation and seasonal depression.  Read on to see if you agree as well.  

One of the most important tradeoffs for freelancer freedom is loneliness. There’s a 2011 Gallup poll that shows self-employed workers reported having lower levels of wellbeing than other workforce groups—even those who are unemployed.

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Build Your Brand: Coworking Spaces Allow Entrepreneurs To Do Just That

Posted by Grind Admin,   Nov 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

By Andria J. Younger, Personal Brand Strategist, Founder of Cre8iv Branding, and Grindist

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Coworking Economics: Collaborative Consumption Screws The Man

Posted by Stuart Warshaw,   Nov 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

It’s not too often when everybody wins, but in the case of coworking, or collaborative office spaces, both the users and the operators can enjoy a beautifully symbiotic relationship. Along with the economics, there’s the collateral benefit of a rich culture that enhances the work experience and frequently helps people’s businesses.

The five top economic reasons to consider when comparing going it alone vs working out of a collaborative space or shared office are:

  1. Lease cost: a large floor is way more economically efficient than renting a small office.
  2. Capital expenditure: a buildout is borne by the operator, not the tenant.
  3. Commitment: a collaborative space is months at most, a lease is a five year minimum.
  4. Security deposit: another meaningful slug of cash for a tenant
  5. Basic services: high speed and redundant internet, copying, scanning, coffee, etc.
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Why Do You Need a Coworking Space?

Posted by Benjamin Dyett,   Nov 20, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Because you can't learn anything about business from your dog. 

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Hey Coworking Entrepreneurs! It's OK to Fail!

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Nov 17, 2014 4:16:59 PM

Many of our members are on their third, fourth, and fifth startups--some have been huge successes and others haven't, which is why we loved reading Claire Martin's article about FailCon and the growing trend of entrepreneurs wearing their failures on their sleeves.  Read on to see what's sparked the trend. 

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5 Entrepreneurial Tips that Every Coworking Space Member Should Know

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Nov 13, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Camila Souza of Tech Cocktail rounded up a list of fashion mogul Diane von Fürstenberg's 5 best entrepreneurial lessons and we think they're perfect pieces of advice for the coworking space crowd.  Check out her words of wisdom below and read the full article here!


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Malcolm Gladwell on the Secret to Building Self-Confidence

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Nov 5, 2014 11:28:00 AM

Feeling down on yourself? According to Malcolm Gladwell and Inc., a lack of self-confidence could be what's holding you back from major success. Read on to see why a sense of self-worth is such a vital part of being a prosperous entrepreneur.

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The 5 Behaviors That Make You a Coworking Space Pro

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 31, 2014 12:54:00 PM

What are the top 5 behaviors that will help you cowork like a pro? Read on to see what our Marketing Coordinator, Cassidy North-Reist, has to say on the subject and check out more helpful articles like this one on 99u!

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How Old Is Too Old to Start a Business?

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 28, 2014 8:17:43 AM

According to Catherine Clifford of, the answer might surprise you. Some of the most successful businesspeople (Vera Wang, Martha Stewart, Dave McClure) didn't get their start until much later in life. Here at Grind, we've got members of all ages, so we were pleased to see the notion that "when it comes to launching a business, what a person may lack in youthful energy comes back multiplied in experience" backed by this inspiring infographic. Real the full article here!

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Benjamin Dyett Tells 'The Dirty Truth'

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 23, 2014 12:16:32 PM

Thanks to Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin of's 'The Big Payoff' for hosting our very own Benjamin Dyett on Tuesday's show. In case you missed it, check out Benjamin's segment ('The Dirty Truth') and hear what makes Grind so different from other coworking spaces.

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10 Incredible Coworking Spaces!

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 22, 2014 9:19:00 AM

According to Inc., Grind is one of "10 Incredible Coworking Spaces"--we couldn't agree more! Read the full list here and learn more about how coworking can be beneficial to your business here.

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The Big Payoff!

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 20, 2014 9:03:00 AM

Don't miss Grind co-founder Benjamin Dyett tomorrow morning at 11:30am (CST) on as he chats with Suzanne Muchin and Rachel Bellow of The Big Payoff. He'll be talking Grind and Chicago's business world. You don't want to miss it! Tune in here.

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The 5 Worst Networking Flops, and How to Recover From Them

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 14, 2014 7:32:00 AM

Beating yourself up for that embarrassing moment you had last week at your Meetup event? Don't sweat it. Mashable has come to the rescue, providing us with 5 tips for recovering from networking flops. Read on and get to networking!

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Pro-Ject Comes to Grind!

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 9, 2014 5:58:00 AM

In the spirit of disruption, Grind recently partnered with Pro-Ject to bring a unique experience to an elite group of influencers in Chicago. With a crowd of 70 amazing influencers from various industries, Pro-Ject and Grind worked together to facilitate connections between people outside of their circles...and the results were incredible. Take a look a the video below to see just how amazing the event was and stay tuned for more Pro-Ject/Grind collabs in the future!

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An Entrepreneurial Designer's Guide to a Successful Kickstarter

Posted by Cassidy North-Reist,   Oct 8, 2014 5:44:00 AM

Grind is a community of innovators and entrepreneurs--no strangers to Kickstarter and crowd funding, indeed. And thanks to Fast Company and John Brownlee, now we know how to expertly pull off a successful funding campaign. Check out their tips below!

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