Happy Birthday, Broadway!

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jul 15, 2014 12:20:00 PM

It's hard to believe that our second location, Grind Broadway, is turning one today. It's been an unbelievable year for our Broadway baby and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for it. A huge thank you to our amazing members for all of your support. Here's to many more years of coworking and collaboration!


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Featured Grindist--Christine Mortensen

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jul 9, 2014 7:35:53 AM

We're always excited to see what LaSalle Grindist Christine Mortensen is working on in the space, so we decided to sit down with her and find out where she gets her inspiration. Check out her thoughts on coworking and creating a business below...and when you're finished with that, check out her awesome company, Sprk'd!

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Coming to Grind--#Rethink Coding with Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jul 2, 2014 1:05:15 PM

Join us on Tuesday, July 8 for #Rethink Coding, featuring Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code!

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The Future of Work...According to Benjamin Dyett

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jul 1, 2014 5:50:28 AM

Want to get a little peep into the mind of Grind co-founder Benjamin Dyett? Micaela Brown of The Minority Report recently sat down with him to get the scoop on what he sees as the future of work...and she managed to draw out some additional life insights along the way. Check out the interview here!

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Introducing the New Moonlighter Plan!

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 24, 2014 10:32:11 AM

Some of the most brilliant ideas are born after hours, which is why we decided to create a new membership plan for all of our friends who burn the midnight oil or who have a cool new side venture. Introducing the Moonlighter Plan! For just $250/mo, you'll get:

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Where'd You Get That, Grindists?

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 18, 2014 7:28:33 AM

We think Grind is the best runway....and apparently so does Christal Young of Good Day New York's "Where'd You Get That?" Check out our amazing Grindists and their fashion steals in this June 18 segment!

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Featured Grindist--Yoga Means Business

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 16, 2014 6:21:16 AM

Whenever we’re feeling a bit sluggish or out-of-whack, we turn to our good friends Chiyoko Osborne and Jen Kluczkowski, co-founders of Yoga Means Business. Aside from being two of our most centered Grindists, they also have created an incredible new method of yoga for business people that is both invigorating and inspiring. We recently caught up with them to find out about the road that led them to Grind.

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Sneakers in the Workplace? Yes, please!

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 12, 2014 7:25:19 AM

We've got a thriving sneaker culture at Grind, so we were glad to read about the epic rise of office 'sneakerdom' in June 11's New York Times. Check out what Alex Williams has to say about the workplace phenomenon.

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Made by Members Monday--Neapolitan Express

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 9, 2014 9:40:19 AM

We're salivating just thinking about Neapolitan Express, one of the most delicious Grindist-founded ventures out there. If the thought of pizza doesn't already make you hungry, read on to find out what makes this food truck so special...and then go grab a slice!

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The Myth of Serendipitous Creativity

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 5, 2014 1:39:47 PM

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Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur--3rd Installment!

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 5, 2014 10:36:51 AM

Here comes our third installment of everyone's favorite series, The Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur. This time around, we'll be focusing the discussion on Hiring & Compliance. Micaela Brown of The Minority Report will moderate. Get your free tickets here before the event sells out and read on for more information about our panelists.

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In the Mind of a Grindist--Jeremy Goldman

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   Jun 3, 2014 7:23:08 AM

Get a glimpse into the brilliant brain of Grindist Jeremy Goldman as he explains why his membership at Grind makes him human--an extremely awesome human, we say!

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Upcoming Events at Grind

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 29, 2014 9:51:00 AM

We've got a new crop of awesome events coming up at Grind in NYC and we don't want you to miss out on getting to know your coworking community! Here's what's on the horizon...

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Featured Grindist--Jason Wisdom

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 27, 2014 7:21:00 AM

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What Does Our Chicago Entrepreneur Think About a Tech Bubble Bursting?

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 22, 2014 11:25:00 AM

In the immortal words of Run DMC, "We ain't afraid of no ghosts!" Or, in this case, "We ain't afraid of no tech bubble!" When Blue Sky Innovation recently begged the question, "What would happen if Chicago's tech bubble burst?", our co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Benjamin Dyett, was on hand to supply his answer.

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Coworking Community Spotlight: Think Clearly With Paper for iPad

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 19, 2014 8:21:00 AM

We've all been there before--trying desperately to crank out work on the iPad but giving up because it's just too slow or inefficient. Luckily, Mathias Vestergaard, a member of our coworking community, has come to our rescue with his new ebook, Think Clearly with Paper for iPad.

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The Best Sounds for Getting Work Done in Your Shared Office Space

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 15, 2014 9:13:00 AM

Our upcoming #Rethink Music event at Grind LaSalle has us thinking about how sound fits into the workplace...particularly shared office space, where most people have on their headphones. So we went in search of answers and, luckily, we didn't have to look far. Read on to see what Lifehacker has to say about sounds and how you can use them to your benefit at work.

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11 Ways to Avoid Burnout in Shared Office Spaces and Beyond

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 15, 2014 4:55:00 AM


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Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur--2nd Installment!

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 13, 2014 12:44:00 PM

Our first installment of The Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur was a massive success, so we're excited to announce that our second installment, Branding and Marketing, is coming to Grind LaSalle on May 21! Check out our amazing panelists' bios below and make sure to get your tickets here!

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Coming to Grind! #Rethink Music with Matt Dennewitz of Pitchfork

Posted by cassidy@grindspaces.com,   May 12, 2014 9:57:00 AM

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