Grind is Expanding in a Big Way!

So You Think You Can Work From Home? Think Again!

Grindist and blogger Randi Zinn of Beyond Mom discusses the benefits of getting out of the house and into a coworking community in her latest blog post.  Check it out!

How Entrepreneurs Can Write a Great Business Plan

With all the startups in our coworking community, business plans are constantly getting thrown around.  Inc. has put together a comprehensive series to help entrepeneurs craft the perfect business plan and we think it's pretty helpful. Check out part 1, and if you're interested in the rest of the series, read more here

The 5 Most Common Mistakes New Freelancers Make

Our friends at 99u never let us down when it comes to solid career advice.  If you're a freelancer, like so many in our coworking community, this piece by Brennan Dunn is a must-read. 

The Entrepreneur's Journey

In our industry agnostic communty of entrepreneurs, each member is definitely on their own journey.  What's your entrepreneurial path?  

Yes, And...5 More Lessons in Improv-ing Collaboration and Creativity from Second City

We can't all be comedians, but we can learn a thing or two from the brilliant people of Second City. Check out Hugh Hart's take on how we all can ignite our creativity and collaboration in the workplace. 

Second City's Tom Yorton and Kelly Leonard run down some of the improv principles that you can apply to your not-necessarily-funny work life.

Mentorship is Dead...But Coworking Communities are Alive and Well!

The idea that "mentorship as you know it is dead" might sound extreme, but this 99u article has us thinking that our coworking community really gets what it's all about.  Read on to find out what the future of mentorship looks like. 

Freelancers: What Should You Charge? How to Justify Your Rates

Another great 99U article for all you freelancers out there!  Give yourself some credit and charge what you deserve!


When I first started freelancing, I thought I knew how to price myself. I charged $50 an hour because, well, it’s what my equivalent hourly rate was before I went out on my own. It was easy to justify — I could point to any number of other rate sheets, pricing calculators, and other resources to make it clear why I should be paid what I was asking. It was the “market rate” of somebody like me. 

Grindist Kelly Hoey In Conversation with Entrepreneur Ginny Gilder

Grindist Kelly Hoey recently chatted with serial social enterprise entrepreneur Ginny Gilder for Sharp Heels and the interview has left us totally inspired.  Check out the full piece below!

What Martin Luther King Would Say About Workplace Diversity Today

Happy Martin Luther King Day! What a great opportunity for us all to take a closer look at diversity in the workplace--and Inc. has done just that.  Check out their tips for creating a more diverse and inclusive team below.

It's fitting that on Martin Luther King Day, we take stock of how far the nation has come toward hitting Dr. King's ideal for a more perfect union. Sanctioned segregation is no more, suffrage is (mostly) universal and for the first time in history an African American male is president of the United States. But, in the world of business especially, diversity--a goal for which King fought fervently--remains elusive.

Over the summer, at the prompting of Reverend Jesse Jackson, a slew of Silicon Valley tech companies publicly disclosed their gender and racial make up, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, eBay and Apple. The statistics were underwhelming, to say the least.

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers: Give Yourselves a Break!

Rejoice, Grindists!  According to Elizabeth Grace Saunders, free time is absolutely essential to mental clarity and maintained success, especially for entrepreneurs and freelancers.  Check out why!

This Step Will Make All the Difference: A Lesson for Our Coworking Community

by Adi Redzic

Author Chris Brogan recently tweeted that “It’s not about having more money, but living life on your own terms.” For you and I, and any aspiring entrepreneur, this is precisely why we let go of false stability of corporate world. Instead, we choose to navigate the turbulent and uncertain waters of start-ups. We choose to spend our days at Grind and feed our Intelligentsia coffee and tea addictions. We choose freedom. We call the shots. 
But this freedom isn't all. It isn't enough. 

We also need clarity of purpose. 

7 Resolutions for Every Entrepreneur

Ah, January.  The perfect time to make a resolution and stick to it.  Aside from personal resolutions, what are the best kind of goals for entrepeneurs to make in the new year?  Read on to find out what Grasshopper thinks will help your business grow in 2015.  

PS:  We thinking joining a coworking community like Grind is a GREAT start! 

1. Get More Feedback from Your Audience

Top 14 Entrepreneurs Who Give Back To The Community

'Tis the season to give thanks and give back.  Forbes rounded up a list of the Top 14 Entrepreneurs Who Give Back To The Community and it's a great reminder for us all to give back as we head into a new year. 

As a successful entrepreneur, some consider it their obligation to give back to the community. For them, it’s not “just a tax write-off” or a way to boost their PR campaign. In fact, with the world’s leading entrepreneurs such as Tej Kohli, Mark Zuckerberg and Charles Johnson constantly making Top Philanthropist lists, it’s clear that it goes deeper than an angle. When someone is blessed with a lucrative business they started from scratch, they come to learn that nothing feels better than earning money on hard work, sweat and tears—except, perhaps, giving much of it back.

According to a survey backed by Ernst & Young and conducted by Australia’s Fidelity Charitable Gift Trust, 89 percent of entrepreneurs donate to charity. An additional 70 percent donate their time as well. If a company is led by an entrepreneur, their charitable giving is on average more than double of their peers who aren’t led by entrepreneurs. Here’s a look at the top 14 entrepreneurs who give back.

Moonlighters Take Note: 5 Helpful Tips from Entrepreneurs

Grindist Asha Ink is featured in Mashable's recent article and we're digging her advice for fellow moonlighters!  In case you didn't already know, Grind's newest membership plan is called Moonlighter and perfect for those who are ready to jump-start their second careers. 

How Can Freelancers Avoid Isolation? Join a Coworking Space!

We've got a hefty number of freelancers in our space who have joined the Grind community, desperate for human interaction.  Because of that, it's easy for us to get down with Michael Tunney's advice for how to avoid isolation and seasonal depression.  Read on to see if you agree as well.  

One of the most important tradeoffs for freelancer freedom is loneliness. There’s a 2011 Gallup poll that shows self-employed workers reported having lower levels of wellbeing than other workforce groups—even those who are unemployed.

Build Your Brand: Coworking Spaces Allow Entrepreneurs To Do Just That

By Andria J. Younger, Personal Brand Strategist, Founder of Cre8iv Branding, and Grindist

Why Do You Need a Coworking Space?

Because you can't learn anything about business from your dog. 

Hey Coworking Entrepreneurs! It's OK to Fail!

Many of our members are on their third, fourth, and fifth startups--some have been huge successes and others haven't, which is why we loved reading Claire Martin's article about FailCon and the growing trend of entrepreneurs wearing their failures on their sleeves.  Read on to see what's sparked the trend. 

5 Entrepreneurial Tips that Every Coworking Space Member Should Know

Camila Souza of Tech Cocktail rounded up a list of fashion mogul Diane von Fürstenberg's 5 best entrepreneurial lessons and we think they're perfect pieces of advice for the coworking space crowd.  Check out her words of wisdom below and read the full article here!


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