Getting to Yes Means Asking First


An Introvert's Guide to Coworking

How to pick the right coworking space for your startup [Infographic]

When spearheading your own startup company, one of the scariest things you’ll have to face is the future. Will your fintech model succeed? Will your new app launch an entire empire? How big will your team grow, and is it healthy—or even humane?—to cram all of the new employees into that small, florescent-lit office space? All of those question marks can tie your stomach into knots. 

Attracting Millennials with the Sound of Silence

7 Common Misconceptions About Coworking Spaces

Coworking has been lauded as the new paradigm for the business world, yet most people can’t even define the word. You think it has something to do with shared work space...and maybe a collaborative community...but the rest is sort of hazy. Have no fear: Grind is here to help make sense of the new normal with 7 Common Misconceptions about Coworking Spaces.

A Simple Exercise to Boost Your Creativity

Feeling a little stuck? Here's an easy way to help get the creative juices flowing!

How Entrepreneurs Can Write a Great Business Plan

With all the startups in our coworking community, business plans are constantly getting thrown around.  Inc. has put together a comprehensive series to help entrepeneurs craft the perfect business plan and we think it's pretty helpful. Check out part 1, and if you're interested in the rest of the series, read more here

The Entrepreneur's Journey

In our industry agnostic communty of entrepreneurs, each member is definitely on their own journey.  What's your entrepreneurial path?  

Grindist Kelly Hoey In Conversation with Entrepreneur Ginny Gilder

Grindist Kelly Hoey recently chatted with serial social enterprise entrepreneur Ginny Gilder for Sharp Heels and the interview has left us totally inspired.  Check out the full piece below!

7 Resolutions for Every Entrepreneur

Ah, January.  The perfect time to make a resolution and stick to it.  Aside from personal resolutions, what are the best kind of goals for entrepeneurs to make in the new year?  Read on to find out what Grasshopper thinks will help your business grow in 2015.  

PS:  We thinking joining a coworking community like Grind is a GREAT start! 

1. Get More Feedback from Your Audience

Moonlighters Take Note: 5 Helpful Tips from Entrepreneurs

Grindist Asha Ink is featured in Mashable's recent article and we're digging her advice for fellow moonlighters!  In case you didn't already know, Grind's newest membership plan is called Moonlighter and perfect for those who are ready to jump-start their second careers. 

Build Your Brand: Coworking Spaces Allow Entrepreneurs To Do Just That

By Andria J. Younger, Personal Brand Strategist, Founder of Cre8iv Branding, and Grindist

Hey Coworking Entrepreneurs! It's OK to Fail!

Many of our members are on their third, fourth, and fifth startups--some have been huge successes and others haven't, which is why we loved reading Claire Martin's article about FailCon and the growing trend of entrepreneurs wearing their failures on their sleeves.  Read on to see what's sparked the trend. 

5 Entrepreneurial Tips that Every Coworking Space Member Should Know

Camila Souza of Tech Cocktail rounded up a list of fashion mogul Diane von Fürstenberg's 5 best entrepreneurial lessons and we think they're perfect pieces of advice for the coworking space crowd.  Check out her words of wisdom below and read the full article here!


10 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently

"Entrepreneurs are a unique breed of people," according to Jayson Demers. We couldn't agree more. We've got plenty of entrepreneurs working out of Grind and we're constantly inspired by their passion, drive, and distinct approach to work. Check out Jayson's list of "10 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently" and get inspired!



Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur - Fifth Installment!

Our Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur series is nearing its end, but we're rounding it out with an awesome fifth installment! This week, our topic of conversation will be Raising Capital and Budgeting Cash Flow. Micaela Brown of the Minority Report will moderate our panel of experts. Get your free tickets here and read on to find out more about our fabulous final panelists. Also, check out the other events from the series: real estate, hiring and compliance, branding and marketing, and business formation.

The Future of Work...According to Benjamin Dyett

Want to get a little peep into the mind of Grind co-founder Benjamin Dyett? Micaela Brown of The Minority Report recently sat down with him to get the scoop on what he sees as the future of work...and she managed to draw out some additional life insights along the way. Check out the interview here!

The Myth of Serendipitous Creativity

What Does Our Chicago Entrepreneur Think About a Tech Bubble Bursting?

In the immortal words of Run DMC, "We ain't afraid of no ghosts!" Or, in this case, "We ain't afraid of no tech bubble!" When Blue Sky Innovation recently begged the question, "What would happen if Chicago's tech bubble burst?", our co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Benjamin Dyett, was on hand to supply his answer.

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