What's happening this Fall near Grind

Literally everyone on your News Feed is posting about pumpkin spice lattes, which can only mean one thing––fall is in the air! This season contains some of the best traditions, like pumpkin picking, jumping into a pile of leaves and hayrides––just to name a few. We made a list of some (free) events happening in New York and Chicago near Grind locations so you can celebrate the season the right way.

3 Books You Should Be Reading on Read a Book Day

Labor Day Weekend has sadly come and gone but September 6 marks another national observation that will surely keep you busy—Read a Book Day. This national day is one of reading and diving into a story we might all enjoy. We at Grind put together a quick list of some titles, including two that have been penned by some of our amazing members, both of whom share diverse experiences and perspectives. 

Avoiding Burnout: Key takeaways from Jason Wachob’s Wellth

Burnout is sadly a concept that is familiar to far too many of us. And it’s burnout that propelled MindBodyGreen founder Jason Wachob to reexamine, and ultimately overhaul his life. After graduating from Columbia, Jason found himself on Wall Street making millions. By all accounts he was living the dream, successful, wealthy, but unfulfilled, unhappy and most importantly – unwell.

Weekly Round-up: June 26, 2016

Every week, Grind catches you up on anything you might have missed and gives you a look at what's still to come.


Weekly Round-up: June 19, 2016

Every week, Grind catches you up on anything you might have missed and gives you a look at what's still to come.

Happy Father's Day, Grindists! Enjoy the weather, the BBQ and the company.

Weekly Round-Up: April 2, 2016

Every week, Grind recaps what happened this week and gives you a taste of whats to come.  

7 Common Misconceptions About Coworking Spaces 

To some people, the future of work isn't something they can define or describe in their own words. Coworking spaces are springing up all over but there's still a lot of confusion over what exactly these communities do. If you're one of these people, you're in luck! Kerri Donnelly, operations manager of Grind Park, took some time to break down every misconception that comes with coworking spaces.

7 Common Misconceptions About Coworking Spaces

Coworking has been lauded as the new paradigm for the business world, yet most people can’t even define the word. You think it has something to do with shared work space...and maybe a collaborative community...but the rest is sort of hazy. Have no fear: Grind is here to help make sense of the new normal with 7 Common Misconceptions about Coworking Spaces.

Weekly Round-Up: March 27, 2016

What's good, FiDi?

Grind at West/Vesey officially opened its doors last week! Grind has joined forces with Verizon to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and ambitious creators by opening collaborative workspaces that leverage Verizon's digital impact on the world. This Grind space is the first step in this new collaboration.

Upcoming Event: What's Yours is Mine?

Join us and our friends from SuperTasker this Wednesday, July 22, at Grind Broadway for a panel discussion on the sharing economing and how it's impacting our society and future!

Happy Birthday, Broadway!

It's hard to believe that our second location, Grind Broadway, is turning one today. It's been an unbelievable year for our Broadway baby and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for it. A huge thank you to our amazing members for all of your support. Here's to many more years of coworking and collaboration!

Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur--2nd Installment!

Our first installment of The Life Cycle of an Entrepreneur was a massive success, so we're excited to announce that our second installment, Branding and Marketing, is coming to Grind LaSalle on May 21! Check out our amazing panelists' bios below and make sure to get your tickets here!

Coming to Grind! #Rethink Music with Matt Dennewitz of Pitchfork

#Rethink Love with Entrepreneur Molly Guy at Grind

Design Your Life Weekend Event at Grind

Let's face it, whether you are starting your own business or setting out as a freelancer, your biggest challenge will likely be in your relationship with yourself: staying inspired by your dream, having the "discipline" to do important things you would rather not do, or figuring out why your current approach just isn't working.

Grind Events: Week of May 13, 2013

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This week at Grind: October 10

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