What's happening this Fall near Grind

Literally everyone on your News Feed is posting about pumpkin spice lattes, which can only mean one thing––fall is in the air! This season contains some of the best traditions, like pumpkin picking, jumping into a pile of leaves and hayrides––just to name a few. We made a list of some (free) events happening in New York and Chicago near Grind locations so you can celebrate the season the right way.

The Best Bites Near Grind

All Grind locations are stocked with the best coffee, the best snacks and even the best mints. However, you probably won't last through the day by stocking up on Lifesavers.

Design Your Life Weekend Event at Grind

Let's face it, whether you are starting your own business or setting out as a freelancer, your biggest challenge will likely be in your relationship with yourself: staying inspired by your dream, having the "discipline" to do important things you would rather not do, or figuring out why your current approach just isn't working.

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