99u is Hiring!

The creative world is building in complexity. Competition is intensifying as creatives everywhere must outrun globalization, outsourcing, and automation to build a body of work amongst an ever-shifting technological landscape. Those that are thriving in this environment are adopting brand new mindsets and processes.

Pear is Hiring!

Grindists Pear are hiring! Interested in applying for a position on this awesome team? Apply here

Justworks is hiring!

Here at Grind, we know and love the team at Justworks.  Lucky for you, they're hiring!  Check out their latest open position and apply...now!

Wix is Hiring!

Our friends at Wix are currently looking to fill a full-time Community Outreach Manager position to help expand their local and national community event activities while also leveraging and supporting the NYC Wix Community Lounge.  Check out the job below and find more information here!

Firebrand Group is Hiring!

Do you know the captial of Iceland?  If so, you might be a perfect fit for Grindists Firebrand Group's Junior Digital and Social Strategist postion. Check it out and apply here if you're interested.

Behance Seeks Social Media Copywriter

Our friends at Behance are hiring a part-time/freelance Social Media Copywriter!  Read on to see if you fit the bill!

The Behance Team (part of the Adobe family) is looking to hire a seasoned copywriter with Social Media Experience. We’re the leading platform to showcase and discover creative work, and are hiring a freelancer whose work will involve describing the creative work found on Behance.net to supplement the content on our Social Media Channels (@Behance, Behance Facebook).

We empower our community to create their best work – to be inspired and delighted by what others are doing in the creative space. That’s where you come in: your job will be to help the internet discover kickass creative work, and inspire creatives to upload their own (while celebrating all the talent that’s already on Behance).

Grindists BIPB Seek Tableau Consultant

Do you want to work with the best? Grindists BIPB are hiring and you could be the perfect addition to their already awesome team!

Grindists NYFU Seek Furniture Sales Consultant

Grindists NYFU are hiring! Know someone who's looking for a new job?  Keep reading...

NYFU is an online brand which brings affordable functional furnishing & decor to apartments and offices without sacrificing on quality and design. Our goal is to revolutionize the furniture shopping experience and upgrade urban living. Our site is home to sectional sofas, sofa beds, multi-purpose tables and ottomans, and many more…We have branched off of the 60+ year old furniture brand Lazzoni.us.

Elle Communications Seeks PR Assistant & Interns

Looking for a new job or know someone fabulous who is looking?  Grindist Elle Communications is hiring!

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