3 Books You Should Be Reading on Read a Book Day

Labor Day Weekend has sadly come and gone but September 6 marks another national observation that will surely keep you busy—Read a Book Day. This national day is one of reading and diving into a story we might all enjoy. We at Grind put together a quick list of some titles, including two that have been penned by some of our amazing members, both of whom share diverse experiences and perspectives. 

Featured Grindist: Ali Maffucci

Sweta Vikram: Why Writing is a Form of Meditation


Featured Grindist: Sweta Vikram

What is your profession? 

I am an author, mindfulness writing coach, holistic wellness practitioner, and a productivity consultant. I recently launched my company, NimmiLife, which helps people attain their goals (be it a book deadline or better stress management) using simple creativity and wellness tips and tricks.

Tips for running a successful Kickstarter campaign

Starting in June, we ran a 40 day Kickstarter campaign in order to raise $15,000 and were so fortunate to have surpassed our goal by the end of the campaign. From our campaign experience, we learned so much that we would like to pass that knowledge forward. Running a Kickstarter campaign can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. Plus, each campaign is different. However, there are 5 things we at Slick Chicks believe will help you regardless of what business or campaign you run. So here they are: our top 5 tips on how to make your Kickstarter a success!

Featured Grindist: Lisa Mayer

What is your profession?

I’m the Founder & CEO of My Social Canvas. In 2012, I founded My Social Canvas with a desire to combine my passions for fashion, social responsibility, and mentorship. My Social Canvas combines scholarship and fashion design opportunities for students in the United States and Canada with a global good by producing and selling selected student designs to benefit various non-profit partners. My Social Canvas also has a Campus Representative program at over 50 high schools and colleges designed to give students professional experience in social entrepreneurship, marketing, fashion, philanthropy.

Building Your Digital Brand? Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes

It goes without saying that a strong social media presence is a major boon to the success of the typical businessperson. While researching my latest book, Getting to Like, managing your digital persona is both an art and a skill, and while some people have a knack for it, most go through a trial and error period to learn what works and what doesn't. There are many different components involved in successfully managing your personal brand's digital presence.

The World is Hungry For Human Connection. One Photojournalist is Providing it.

Dorie Hagler is the founder of Me&Eve, a platform where she shares and acknowledges women’s stories from all across New York City. 

 If I can’t be a Superhero with flying powers then being the founder of me&EVE and meeting the women I meet everyday is the next greatest thing.

5 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Build a Following

I'm often asked by entrepreneurs and executives alike what's the best way for them to better understand their digital following. Google Analytics, Google's freemium tool, is a pretty strong option. Here are some of the best ways to use it to better understand your audience:

Weekly Round-up: May 15, 2016

Every week, Grind catches you up on anything you might have missed and gives you a look at what's to come.

Made By Members: 3 Easy Eays to Kickstart Your Online Presence

Peter Ruchti, founder and president of Adept Plus, is Grind's May Featured Grindist. In his blog, Peter gives three easy tips for you and your brand to establish a strong online presence. Check it out! If you have any questions about your online presence, please do not hesitate to reach out to Peter on Twitter and Linkedin

Grind Member Featured on ABC News


3 Easy Ways to Kickstart Your Online Presence

Peter Ruchti is Grind's May Featured Grindist. Catch his bio here

 Let’s face it: we live in a world that is rapidly changing to online sales. Every day we see online sales increase. The old ways of marketing yourself and your business parallels with this change. Your customers/clients search for your product/service online every day. Do you show up at the top of the list, or do your competitors?

Coworking Community Spotlight: Christine Mortensen

We're always curious about what's going on in the Chicago coworking community, so this week we decided to sit down with LaSalle Grindist Christine Mortensen to see what she's currently working on and where she gets her inspiration.

Read below for Christine's thoughts on coworking and creating a business, and make sure to check out her awesome company, Sprk'd, too!

Made by Members Monday--Neapolitan Express

We're salivating just thinking about Neapolitan Express, one of the most delicious Grindist-founded ventures out there. If the thought of pizza doesn't already make you hungry, read on to find out what makes this food truck so special...and then go grab a slice!

Coworking Community Spotlight: Think Clearly With Paper for iPad

We've all been there before--trying desperately to crank out work on the iPad but giving up because it's just too slow or inefficient. Luckily, Mathias Vestergaard, a member of our coworking community, has come to our rescue with his new ebook, Think Clearly with Paper for iPad.

Coworking Community Spotlight: Haggle

Made by Members: Quintet for Android

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