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Three reasons why Snapchat is the future of Social Media

I was always the person who refused to download Snapchat. I mean, I just didn’t get it. What in the world is a ‘filter’? Is it like a Brita filter? Fast forward to today and you will find me on Snapchat at any given time of the day. From capturing my post-graduate adventures, to capturing the wonky and interesting sights of New York City, Snapchat is an app like no other. It brings personality. It puts the social in social media. 

Featured Grindist: Sweta Vikram

What is your profession? 

I am an author, mindfulness writing coach, holistic wellness practitioner, and a productivity consultant. I recently launched my company, NimmiLife, which helps people attain their goals (be it a book deadline or better stress management) using simple creativity and wellness tips and tricks.

Tips for running a successful Kickstarter campaign

Starting in June, we ran a 40 day Kickstarter campaign in order to raise $15,000 and were so fortunate to have surpassed our goal by the end of the campaign. From our campaign experience, we learned so much that we would like to pass that knowledge forward. Running a Kickstarter campaign can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. Plus, each campaign is different. However, there are 5 things we at Slick Chicks believe will help you regardless of what business or campaign you run. So here they are: our top 5 tips on how to make your Kickstarter a success!

#BehindGrind: Meet Heathyr Dilts

There's more to Grind than the smell of fresh coffee or the sound of fingers hitting keyboards! We have a diverse staff from different backgrounds across New York and Chicago. 

 Today we're introducing you to:


April Featured Grindist: Sarah Sclarandis

Meet Sarah Sclarandis, a Park/29th Grindist with a love for family and shoes! Sarah has worked for top brands like Juicy Couture and Banana Republic and has had her work appear in top media outlets like Vogue and The New York Times. All her life she's had a passion for shoes and will soon be launching her own line!

Weekly Round-Up: April 10, 2016

Every week, Grind catches you up on anything you might have missed and gives you a look at what's to come.


Davinci Virtual Partners with Grind to Offer Live Receptionist Services to Grind Members




Davinci Virtual Office Solutions announced on Tuesday that it will be offering Davinci Live Receptionist services to Grind members nationwide. More specifically, Davinci will provide businesses with friendly live recpetionists, live web chat, and professional virtual communication services. Davinci is also offering Grindists, including set-up fees waived and $20 off services every single month!

Are you a Grind member interested in this service? Stop by the front desk at your Grind space to sign up! 

Say Hello to Our New CMO: Felicia Stingone!

Grind announced on Thursday that Felicia Stingone will serve as its new Chief Marketing Officer! Stingone brings with her a long list of marketing experience, including past work with leading brands like Citibank, Hennessy Cognac, Snapple and Target. She also played an instrumental role in the early brand strategy development and marketing activation for Smart Water/Vitamin Water.

We are excited to have Felicia onboard and are looking forward to watching Grind expand from here!

We've got a new crop of awesome events coming up at Grind in NYC and we don't want you to miss out on getting to know your coworking community! Here's what's on the horizon...

#BehindGrind: Alyssa Cymbaluk!

There's more behind Grind than the smell of fresh coffee or the sound of fingers hitting keyboards! We have a diverse staff from different backgrounds across New York and Chicago. 

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