Coworking: The New Wave for Freelancers!

Check out Grind's very own Benjamin Dyett on CNBC's On the Money!  He's talking coworking and the future of work.  And stay tuned for a very exciting announcement about the future of Grind!

Grindists in the News: Adam Quinton

We already knew that Grindist Adam Quinton is awesome, but now that he's featured in AlleyWatch's list of 100 NYC Tech Influencers You Need to Know, the rest of the world does too!  Check out Adam at number 41!

Benjamin Dyett Talks About Coworking on "The Price of Business"

Grind co-founder Benjamin Dyett was recently on The Price of Business radio show with Kevin Price and Julie Braun to discuss the future of coworking and what's next for Grind. Check out the interview here and stay tuned for more updates about Grind's new spaces!

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Building an Offline Coworking Community

In the words of Grind's very own Anthony Marinos, "For so long work has been the place where people transform into someone or something else that is a misrepresentation of who they really are." Grind is working hard to transform this notion and our Director of Sales and Marketing, Anthony Marinos, recently sat down with the good people of Medium to explain how. Check out his interview below!

What is Grind and how are you unique as a coworking space?

We’re a members-only collaborative workspace and coworking community with two locations in New York, one in Chicago, and more on the way in the very near future. We’re unique for a lot of different reasons including the professional diversity of our members (we’re not just tech like most spaces), our modern, open design, and our focus on gender balance among our Grindists. If I had to choose one though, it would be our staff and the customer service we provide on a daily basis. Grind is as much a hospitality company as it is a workspace provider.

The Future of Work...According to Benjamin Dyett

Want to get a little peep into the mind of Grind co-founder Benjamin Dyett? Micaela Brown of The Minority Report recently sat down with him to get the scoop on what he sees as the future of work...and she managed to draw out some additional life insights along the way. Check out the interview here!

Where'd You Get That, Grindists?

We think Grind is the best runway....and apparently so does Christal Young of Good Day New York's "Where'd You Get That?" Check out our amazing Grindists and their fashion steals in this June 18 segment!

What Does Our Chicago Entrepreneur Think About a Tech Bubble Bursting?

In the immortal words of Run DMC, "We ain't afraid of no ghosts!" Or, in this case, "We ain't afraid of no tech bubble!" When Blue Sky Innovation recently begged the question, "What would happen if Chicago's tech bubble burst?", our co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Benjamin Dyett, was on hand to supply his answer.

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